Minnie the Medusa in January 1, 1798 - created by Henry Clay (1777-1852)

[(Minnie the Medusa is a main protagonist female green Medusa character, and his my sidekick Lucky the Lion and protagonist animals characters is the location Greekland, and from the clutches of the evil Killy the Cyclops is a main antagonist male cyclops character, and all thirty villains and the evil location Creekland.

Minnie the Medusa merchandise collections collectibles. Minnie the Medusa franchise, references and more. Minnie the Medusa in other languages on countries of the world.)]

Witchy the Witch in January 1, 1815 - created by Margaret Ann Neve (1792-1903)

[(Witchy the Witch is a main protagonist female witch character, and his my sidekick Dopey the Snowman, Cuky the Lion and Lumpy the Cat, and protagonist characters is the location Sitchland, and from the clutches of the evil Monsterd the Cyclops is a main antagonist male cyclops character, and all thirty villains and the evil location Ditchland.

Witchy the Witch merchandise collections collectibles. Witchy the Witch franchise, references and more. Witchy the Witch in other languages on countries of the world.)]

The Collection-Toons in March 1, 1953 - by Columbia Pictures cartoon

The Collection-Toons (franchise) (1953-) owned by Columbia Pictures

The Merry Cartoon Co-Series Friends in January 5, 1955 - by Universal Pictures cartoon

The Merry Cartoon Co-Series Friends (franchise) (1955-) owned by Universal Pictures

The Creation Compilations in January 8, 1958 - by Universal Pictures cartoon

The Creation Compilations (franchise) (1958-) owned by Universal Pictures

Bettgum in January 8, 1968 - created by Lewis Collins and Jon J. Waiters by American Broadcasting Company cartoon.

[(Bettgum - is a parody of DC's female superhero character Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). Bettgum is a female superhero cartoon character and the mascot of American Broadcasting Company in 1968. Bettgum is a hero or heroine or good or good guy.

The main protagonist female superhero character including Bettgum (parody of DC's female superhero character Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)), and his my best friend sidekick Andy the Green Alien Dog, and protagonist characters including Godalf (parody of Gandalf), Robbie the Robot, Daslan (parody of Narnia's Aslan), Roby Hound (parody of Robin Hood), Fanta Caws (parody of Santa Claus), Dorry (parody of Wizard of Oz's Dorothy), Toton (parody of Wizard of Oz's Toto), Staycow (parody of Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow), Tinny Man (parody of Wizard of Oz's Tin Man), Cowline (parody of Wizard of Oz's Cowardly Lion), Tazman (parody of Tarzan), Longmanny (parody of Lone Ranger), Barro (parody of Zorro), Sirluck Homes (parody of Sherlock Holmes), Dr. Wellson (parody of Dr. Watson), Peter Pinpan (parody of Peter Pan), Tinky Belly (parody of Tinker Bell), Kingy Artie (parody of King Arthur), Quenny Momman (as parody Queen Edith), Princess Lisa, Fresh Go-Done (parody of Flash Gordon) and other protagonist characters and the location Metro-Universe-City.

But now, from the clutches of the evil Poker (parody of DC's Joker) is the main antagonist character and the villains including Peng (parody of DC's Penguin), Peto (parody of Disney Mickey Mouse's Pete), Bootso (parody of Popeye's Bluto), Ring Pong (parody of King Kong), Choochin (parody of Cthulhu), Godzoo (parody of Godzilla), Gillu (parody of Gill-man), Cant Drunkola (parody of Count Dracula), Frankystan (parody of Frankenstein's monster), Captain Hooky (parody of Peter Pan's Captain Hook), Pompelstiltstan (parody of Rumpelstiltskin), Giantster (parody of Jack and the Beanstalk's Giant), Big Baddy Wood (parody of Big Bad Wolf), Zoge Coyoten (parody of Wile E. Coyote), Zunzun (parody of Disney Mickey Mouse's The Mad Doctor), Pantop (parody of The Phantom of the Opera's The Phantom), Yere Khen (parody of The Jungle Book's Shere Khan), Kaama (parody of The Jungle Book's Kaa), Queeny (parody of Snow White's Evil Queen), Nitch (parody of Snow White's Witch), Stopmother and Stopsisters (parody of Cinderella's Stepmother and Stepsisters), Malefantastic (parody of Disney Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent), Jabban (parody of Jabberwocky), Sandyman (parody of Rocky and Bullwinkle's Snidely Whipalsh), Moris and Masher (parody of Rocky and Bullwinkle's Boris and Natasha), Grify (parody of The Invisible Man's Griffin), Wolfiemon (parody of The Wolf Man), Mammey (parody of character The Mummy), Cok-Crunch (parody of Dr. Seuss's Grinch), Mellyman (parody of Marvin the Martian), Yuen (parody of Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West), Cloudy Farmdown (parody of Claude Frollo), Orabe (parody of Disney One Hundered and One Dalmatians' Cruella de Vil), Urdda (parody of Disney The Sword in the Stone's Madam Mim), Verlen (parody of Disney Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts), Stormbell (parody of Disney Pinocchio's Stromboli), McBee (parody of Macbeth), Lisa McBee (parody of Macbeth's Lady Macbeth), Lexmonster (parody of DC's Lex Luthor), Mixman (parody of DC's Mister Mxyzptlk), Isno (parody of character Igor), Cheeseta (parody of DC's Cheetah), Giggun (parody of DC's Giganta), Minggy (parody of Flash Gordon's Ming the Merciless), Abom (parody of Marvel's Abomination), Mirrora (parody of DC's Mirror Master), Wicked Weath (parody of DC's Wicked Weather), Dinnerside (parody of DC's Sinestro), Lateside (parody of DC's Darkseid), Hobman (parody of Marvel's Green Goblin), Shopcow (parody of DC's Scarecrow), Galdman (parody of Gollum), Sigar (parody of Grendel), Laggo (parody of Othello's Iggo), Olddie (parody of Disney Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees character Old Man Tree), The Deadsons (parody of Lucky Luke's The Daltons), Erman (parody of London After Midnight's Man in the Beaver Hat), Xingo (parody of Psycho's Norman Bates), Beerfox and Beerbear (parody of Disney Song of the South's Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear), Mandman (parody of Marvel's Sandman), Rodder (parody of DC's Riddler), Kidnaptain Nazi (parody of DC's Captain Nazi), Docdumb (parody of Marvel's Doctor Doom), Mr. Coldman (parody of DC's Mr. Freeze), Briany (parody of DC's Brainiac), Buzzaro (parody of DC's Bizarro), Sodorland (parody of DC's Solomon Grundy), Skincar (parody of DC's Red Skull), Clayman (parody of DC's Clayface), Blackben (parody of DC's Black Adam), Deathshut (parody of DC's Deadshot), Redangryman (parody of DC's Red Hood), Metadead (parody of DC's Metallo), Groddzella (parody of DC's Gorilla Grodd), Elmobar (parody of DC's Eobard Thawne), Fastso (parody of DC's Felix Faust) and Twoman (parody of DC's Two-Face) and the evil location Injustice Empire.

Bettgum says "Are you thinking what I'm thinking thanks for now, It's time for go now, Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held and said, For the honor of Super-Power-Times! I Have the Super Power Time!"

Bettgum merchandise collection collectibles. Bettgum franchise, references and more. Bettgum other languages in countries of the world.)]

Bettgum (franchise) (1968-) owned by American Broadcasting Company

Vambre and Prohyas in January 1, 998 - created by Poppo of Stavelot (977-1048)

Vambre and Prohyas (franchise) (998-) owned by Bretonnian Productions Publications Corporation

Cassandra and Chris is a main protagonist characters in January 1, 1874 - created by Oliver Hall (1852-1946).


  • Cassandra Wellson is a main protagonist character | Mom / Mother | Species: Human | Gender: Female = Black Hair = White Tank Top, Denim Pants, Belt, Underwear, Socks and Shoes
  • Chris Wellson is a main protagonist character | 10-year old boy | Boy / Brother | Species: Human | Gender: Male = Yellow Hair = Red Hat, Black and Red Stripes, Blue Jacket, Grey Long Pants, Underwear, Socks and Shoes

Cassandra and Chris in merchandise collection collectibles. Cassandra and Chris franchise, references and more. Cassandra and Chris in other languages on countries of the world.

Star Branches is a American live-action/anime/cutout animation/stop-motion animation/animated trilogy saga in January 10, 1977 - created by George Lucas

The hero's journey protagonist character, Wondy (parody of DC's Wonder Woman), the my sidekick, Mike Mouse (parody of Disney's Mickey Mouse), best friends, Baggy Wunny (parody of Bugs Bunny), Pornpcorn (parody of Popeye), Betmay Brom (parody of Betty Boop), Fieldfudd the Cat (parody of Felix the Cat), Laussa the Mouse (parody of Lucy the Mouse), and other characters, for the New York California Metro Land, and from the clutches of the evil Grint (parody of Grinch), Imperial Officers and other fairy tale villains.

Star Branches (franchise) (1977-) owned by Lucasfilm | distributed by Paramount Pictures & distributed by Disney

and many more.

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